beyonce sues and soulja boy gets nasty and kevin mccall calls out wale

MUSIC BITS: Beyonce(and don't be mad I know a grave accent goes on the end of her name but I can't seem to make it work) has sent her lawyers to an internet website that has been using her image without her consent along with quotes coined by Queen Bey. The website is said to have thousands of images dedicated to Queen Bey. I personally haven't checked out the website but I hear its lot of nice things there dedicated to Queen Bey and like someone else said you better get there and get what you want before its gone. One thing that is gone for the time being is the relationship between Soulja Boy and Nia Riley(Teddy Riley's daughter) who famously appeared together on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Soulja Boy has lashed out on Nia is a not so very nice way via social media saying she won't ever get to taste his dick again. First of all I'm surprised anyone wants to taste Soulja Boy's dick but then again there are some thirsty people out there and I guess Soulja Boy has a bit of money. But he said that like his dick is the best thing since sliced bread and maybe it is but he could of kept that comment to himself. I'm actually disgusted just thinking about. For someone to have all this money and wealth allegedly it seems that he would keep his nails clean cause they were looking like he was digging through dirt. Speaking of dirt Kevin Mccall has been throwing a lot of dirt lately which in turn has made him a hot topic again on the blogs. Remember Kevin was mad at Eva Marcille, his ex for trying to get at Wale on the Gram(Instagram). Kevin was so mad that he went as far as to say that Wale had herpes and I guess once the comment reached a fever pitch, he apologized. As far as I know Wale hasn't responded yet then again he might be somewhere getting fucked. Shade! Bloop! Chris Brown and Tyga will release Fan of a Fan on February 24 and TLC has raised over $205,000 dollars on Kickstarter for their fifth and final album. Thoughts?
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