amber rose and french montana spotted out and foxy brown is mad at ashanti

ROSE COLORED GLASSES: Amber Rose is certainly enjoying her newfound freedom as a single woman as is her ex husband Wiz Khalifa. Amber Rose was spotted alongside French Montana on New Year's Eve. The two have been rumored to be getting quite cozy as of lately. Every time you turn around French Montana and Amber Rose are attached to someone different. Looks like there is definitely a lot of fucking going down in Hollywood and beyond. BIG BODY (SPRAGGA) BENZ: And while I'm on the subject of New Year's Eve, Ashanti performed in Jamaica for New Years and on her Instagram she posted videos and pictures with Reggae luminaries such as Spragga Benz(Foxy Brown's ex boyfriend), Shaggy, and more. One particular picture of Ashanti and Spragga Benz has apparently ruffled some feathers in the Foxy Brown camp allegedly. Foxy Brown is known to post cryptic and often shady posts on her Instagram posted a video of Rihanna saying she don't need a man. Well once her fans got hold of the situation, one replied to Foxy that Ashanti was in to get her ex-man Spragga. Foxy replied by saying Ashanti was "thirsty" and "still dickriding". Well whatever that means! I strongly doubt Ashanit is thirsty. She has said in countless interviews that she is a fan of Reggae music. I'm sure she doesn't want Foxy Brown's leftovers but if she did, then so be it. Foxy Brown has been known to have had relationship with other men in the industry over the years all the while she was still claiming to be with Spragga. Maybe they have some type of open relationship. Whatever it is it is weird. Anyway the fans of Ashanti's and Foxy Brown's both went in and it just made for a lot of shade since both artists are kind of looked at as being washed up, though I am fans of both ladies. I'm actually riding with Ashanti for this one. Ashanti is not about the drama and Foxy always is, unfortunately. Hopefully Foxy will make 2015 a year to put out some music and stop starting beefs with other celebs for some attention. In other Ashanti news, the Cash Money rumors are resurfacing again in an interview with Ashanti. The interview doesn't look new but maybe it is. Ashanti says that she's been in talks with Cash Money and Lil' Wayne about signing to the label. Ashanti says she's been talking to Lil' Wayne currently. I wonder is he telling her to stay away! Cash Money has had a lot of problems lately and I personally don't think that would be the best move for her. I'm sure there are much better offers on the table. 
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