album review: faith evans - incomparable

Label: Prolific/BMG
Producers/Writers: Mike City(Sunshine Anderson), Brian Alexander Morgan(SWV), Chucky Thompson(Mary J. Blige), Ben Briggs III, KeKe Wyatt, Andrea Latrelle Simmons(worked with The Neptunes), etc.
Guest Appearances: B Slade, Karen Clark, Problem, Missy Elliott, Sharaya J, KeKe Wyatt, etc.
Release Date: November 24, 2014
Album Highlights: Forever, Paradise, Really Wanna Do, Ride The Beat, Take Your Time, Make Love, etc.
Incomparable is Faith Evans' sixth album and her eighth overall and I would say its her best album since 2005's The First Lady. Faith gushed about this album prior to its release noting the guest appearances and how good the album would be. Well it turns out that she was right. Just when I was starting to turn my back on Faith Evans musically, she delivers Incomparable. I am pleasantly surprised with the album and its what I'm currently listening to right now. The album starts off with a Prelude that goes into Thank You Good Night before lunging into Extraordinary which is one of the album's highlights. It's followed by the first single I Deserve It featuring Missy Elliott and Sharaya J. I can see why this song was released but I wish it hadn't been released. On the surface the song is good but it could of done without Missy screaming on the song. Missy screaming on songs is so old now. And besides who is really calling on Missy for features. Nothing against her but I'm just saying. Missy hasn't released anything remarkably noteworthy in a number of years and I'm still trying to figure out where she is. But I digress. The album's title track is another highlight that I think many of you would like. It features an 80s throwback vibe and is produced by Brian Alexander Morgan, known for his work with SWV. Perhaps my favorite song on the album next to Paradise(I'll get to that one in a second) is Make Love featuring KeKe Wyatt. Personally this song should of been the song that Faith released first. I can so hear it on Urban AC radio and I likely say that because I've been listening to a lot of Urban AC radio lately. Forever is another highlight for me as is Paradise which features a thumping beat and a beautiful message. The song features Gospel luminary Karen Clark and B Slade. The previously unreleased song Maybe which leaked out years ago shows up as the closing track on Incomparable. Due to the leak Faith reconstructs the song somewhat and leaves in some of the original but its still a pleasure to listen to after all these years. I'm actually glad she included it on this album and I wonder what made her do that. I wonder was it the input of her fans. She did say in an interview a fan suggested she name her album Incomparable. I guess it is nice when some artists listen to their fans. Though they shouldn't listen to everything but at least she took it into consideration. I do wonder what some of Faith's hardcore fans think her next single should be.
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