yung berg's alleged lover speaks out, chris brown apologizes, and drake and diddy fight

TELL ME NO LIES: Just as the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion aired tonight on TV, stories about star Yung Berg's sexuality has come to surface. I reported a little on the story yesterday but now Ray J's manager who knows the teenage boy Yung Berg is accused of sleeping with ex-boyfriend has come forward insinuating that the teenager is gay. Are you all following me? Anyway this all went down on social media complete with revealing text messages and the like. Its all too messy if you ask me. Either way if Yung Berg is gay or not I could care less. I don't think he's attractive and the only reason why anyone would like him in my opinion is because he has some wealth or at least he did. Shortly after the LHHH reunion aired, there was the story that Yung Berg's credit card had been declined and he beat his girlfriend because of it. It's only Monday and its already a bad week for Yung Berg. Hopefully things will look up for him as the week progresses then again maybe it won't. This story seems to have legs and it continues to get more interesting and messy by the minute. I will keep you all posted. I APOLOGIZE: And Chris Brown has since issued an apology to his ex-girlfriend after airing out her dirty laundry over the weekend. Chris admitted to being a wreck in so many words. He claimed to still love her and that pretty much summed it up. Now whether or not these two will rekindle their flame remains to be seen but don't be surprised if they do. And do we all remember how Chris claimed his ex was visiting Drake in Toronto? Well she came out and denied that. What do you think? Do you think she was smashing Drake? I honestly wouldn't put it past her only because it seems like Chris and Drake mess around with the same women. FIGHT SONG: Speaking of Drake, he is reportedly hospitalized after a nightclub fight with Diddy. Many were saying the fight was over Cassie but it was also being reported the squabble was over some song. A damn song though? But they say Diddy punched Drake. EUROPE ANYONE?: Let's hope his label mate Nicki Minaj visited him in the hospital while she is busy promoting her new album. The rapper is embarking on an European tour in March and is taking Trey Songz along for the ride. I wonder what things these two could do overseas beside perform on stage together? Hmm makes you wonder. But knowing Nicki she is stingy with the kitten. She definitely probably ain't fucking with these industry niggas and I don't blame her. They have big mouths! Well until next time folks! See y'all! 
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