wiz khalifa has a sex tape and azealia banks feud with iggy azalea heats up

SEX(TAPE) YOU UP: So Wiz Khalifa has a sex tape but he doesn't want us to see it. Why? Because one look at Wiz with no clothes on will make any man vomit. I mean women for some reason have a thing for this man and I'm not knocking him but I just don't see what the fuss is all about. Of course if there is a video in existence and it is released I will watch. Ha! But before I move on to the next story, who is the woman in the video? I don't know but she is some Playboy Bunny girl. I take it this isn't the 15 year old girl who is claiming that Bill Cosby molested her. Then again I believe that was in the 70s. GIRL FIGHT: Anyway things have come to a head for Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. A day or so ago Azealia publicly blasted Iggy on Twitter for her non support of civil rights among Blacks namely the Eric Garner case. Iggy finally responded by basically referring to Azealia as someone who just wants attention with her numerous rants on Twitter. Which could be true but Azealia was speaking the truth and though she didn't have to go all the way in on Iggy like that, she did. Azealia has had a thing against Iggy forever and it rages on I see. I guess Azealia, Nicki Minaj, or Rah Digga will be making a record with Iggy Azalea anytime soon. But a little backstory on the Azealia vs. Iggy beef, Azealia feels that Iggy has adapted the Black culture lifestyle, which she has but doesn't support Blacks during protests and the like. I don't feel like every artist has to make a statement about politics because most end up with their foot in their mouth. I do believe Azealia was bored and just felt like talking shit. Azealia can be an Internet bully and she's even admitted to her fondness for talking shit on the Internet. I definitely don't think this will ever become something physical. I could see Azealia getting in Iggy's face and saying some dumb shit but Azealia will be visiting Hot 97 radio station in New York next week to talk all things Azealia. Okay I'm done for the night I think, have a good night everyone! 
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