nicki minaj taps meek mill for new album, 50 cent owes money, and jeremih may go to jail

PRETTY IN PINK: Nicki Minaj has revealed the tracklisting for her new album The Pink Print due December 15. The album features guest appearances from Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Jessie Ware, Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Meek Mill just to name a few. Speaking of Meek Mill the embattled rapper was just released from prison. Many of his fans and celebrity friends have shown their support for the rapper. Now hopefully he stays out of jail! And my random thought of the day or should I say question of the day, was K. Michelle trying to get Drake's attention by having a song called Drake Would Love Me and did it work? MO' MONEY: 50 Cent is said to have his bank account frozen until he pays up an earphone company after falling out with the company over a design dispute. 50 was ordered to pay up 4.5 million dollars and another 12 million in damages and has refused to pay up. Despite having a hit record since I was born, 50 Cent is a natural born hustler and knows how to make money that's for sure. I do remember 50 releasing his album earlier this year to little fanfare. I'm sure he did receive a nice little coin from it either way being that it was an indie release. Artist get serious bank as a indie artist. Whereas on a major where the artist gets .50 a CD sold, indie artists receive $7 or more a CD sold. Though major artists may make more a CD now but their definitely not selling any more than an artist on an indie label. Anyway I hope 50 gets this matter resolved fast. It does sound rather ugly. Let me go out and help 50 by buying some Vitamin Water. Then again do people still drink Vitamin water like they used to? I've seen one person in the last month or so drinking one but something tells me they had something else in that bottle. NO MEANS NO: Jeremih may be headed to jail after he and his entourage caused a ruckus in a restaurant. Jeremih and his crew were hitting on a waitress who was clearly not interested and Jeremih got beside himself and the waitress alerted her manager who then moved the rowdy crew to the back where they belonged in the first place. Being that Jeremih has had a slew of Top 10 Pop hits, I'm sure his head is bigger than my dick and he is not used to being turned down by the ladies but money doesn't buy you class as you can see. Anyway Jeremih and his crew vandalized the restaurant and now he may go to jail for it. So I guess to make a long story short when it comes to Jeremih, Don't Tell Em...NO! It may cost him some jail time and a nice fee to pay for his troubles. Till next time people. Y'all be safe! 
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