nicki minaj opens up about abortion and ludacris is engaged and alicia keys gives birth

ABORT MISSION: I'm back after a brief time away for the Holidays. I was going to blog over the break but I left my laptop at home. So anyway on the news, Nicki Minaj opens up on the cover story of Rolling Stone magazine. She says she had an abortion at an early age and the decision has haunted her ever since. It looks like she also took another shot at her nemesis Iggy Azalea by implying that certain artists brag about not writing their material. Then again I'm not sure if she were talking about Iggy but if I had to take a wild guess I'd say she was the intended target. Though I can't quite recall Iggy ever saying she didn't write her rhymes as its been suggested by Minaj. In other Nicki news a video of her performing an acting scene in school has leaked out and they say she was not happy about it. Why? I don't know. Nicki's album The Pink Print is doing well on the charts and now I'm eager to get my hands on it now because all of a sudden I have a renewed interest in the album. If you recall before I could of cared less about it. Funny how your mind can change overtime. MUSIC BITS: Congratulations are in order for Ludacris. He proposed to his girlfriend and they are now officially engaged. And congratulations are in order for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats who gave birth to a baby boy Genesis Ali Dean. So what else has been going? When I find something else remotely interesting to blog about I will. Till next folks! 
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