lil' kim goes in on k. michelle, chris brown sad, and ray j's lover seeks attention

FAIRY GODMOTHER: So Lil' Kim went ham on K. Michelle today after she appeared on The Breakfast Club. The two have been going back and forth after K. Michelle claims Lil' Kim told her that she wanted K. to be her unborn child's Godmother. Lil' Kim denied the claims saying no one knew she was pregnant at the time so how could that be? Lil' Kim posted a huge response to K. Michelle calling her everything from a pill popper to bi-polar. It was very funny to be honest. K. Michelle was read down and I feel she deserved every bit of it. K. Michelle reads and throws a lot of shade at other artists so hers was coming. Anyway whose side are you on? Do you think Lil' Kim told K. Michelle that she would be Royal Reign's Godmother or is K. Michelle delusional as she appears on TV and radio? If you recall K. Michelle just admitted that Memphitz, her ex-boyfriend she accused of beating her ass never actually laid hands on her as she claimed. I guess he more like dragged her ass or shook her up when she hadn't taken her medication. This was in a court deposition I believe from when Memphitz sued K, VH1 and Mona Scott Young for defamation and a bunch of other jargon. DOWN AND OUT: Chris Brown is still down in the dumps after being dumped. He apologized yesterday and today he is sulking because he said last year he spent Christmas and New Year's alone and he will again this year. Yo fault! I'm sure he can find a groupie girl willing to show him a good time. But if I were Karrueche I'd be done with his ass once and for all but she will probably take him back again. If not he'll be back with Rihanna. What do you all think? HOLLYWOOD SWINGING: I'm so sick of hearing about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I only watched the show's premiere episode and I decided I didn't want to spend an hour of my time getting dumber. Besides simply being on social media you can find out everything that happens on the show and behind the scenes. It's been one big train wreck to say the least. Ray J's unstable girlfriend Princess Love was apparently feeling suicidal so she attempted to take her life in order to get Ray J back. Apparently it worked. I think that's a selfish act if that were the case. Hopefully not but these reality chicks especially on LHHH seems very desperate. If that weren't enough Yung Berg is still yielding off those gay rumors. Today though he denied any truth to that. In my opinion the jury is still out on him. 
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