k. michelle accused of stealing photo concept and trey songz in love triangle which led to murder

PHOTO FINISH: Some girl has come forward saying that K. Michelle stole her photo concept and used for her new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart which was released today! If you've seen the cover art work for K.'s new album you see K. completely naked adorned with roses or nothing at all. The woman in question showed off her own photos that she took awhile back allegedly and claims that K took her idea and was on social media asking people what she should do? I mean if you feel the woman stole your ideas then you should take legal action idiot! It's funny though how this came out right when K is releasing her album. The cover art and the promo photos have been around for awhile. I'm guessing the accuser is just now seeing the photos or what. I'm not sure because I didn't read the whole story and I wasn't all that interested anyway. But what do you think? Do you think K. Michelle stole this woman's photo concept ideas for her album? If you go on social media you will see the pictures and they are the same exact poses that K. Michelle allegedly replicated. LOVE IS A LOSING GAME: A murder suicide occurred days ago with a up and coming rapper and TV star. The guy Earl Hayes, who was a close friend to boxer Floyd Mayweather took his own life and his wife, Stephanie who was a dancer on VH1's Hit The Floor allegedly in front of Floyd Mayweather on video. Mayweather was alleged to have been trying to talk Earl out of the dilemma but he wasn't successful. Being that Floyd can barely speak a straight sentence, I'm not surprised. It is unfortunate though that both lives were taken. Now there are reports out saying that Earl was furious with Stephanie because she was being romanced by Trey Songz, who also send his condolences out as well as 50 Cent who just couldn't resist being messy. 50 Cent confirmed the story about Trey Songz then quickly deleted it which to me has some truth to it. 50 Cent may have a big mouth and a big ego but one thing is for sure he doesn't lie. I believe him when he speaks on shit. 
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