usher has a sex tape, drake's nudes leak, and aretha franklin plans to sue

SEX ME: So Usher is said to have a sex tape in existence. The sex tape is said to be with his ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Four years ago Usher's car was broken into and a bunch of jewelry and other stuff were stolen. I guess one of those other things were this alleged sex tape. I'm with Wendy Williams' who was reporting the story on her show, I think Usher is trying to give himself more of an edge. I mean even if the sex tape doesn't exist just leak out a nude pic. Wendy also feels Usher is trying to drum up interest for the lack of ticket sales on his current tour. What do you all think? Or do you even care? NUDE DUDE: Speaking of nude pictures Drake's peen leaked out and it wasn't all that much to go on about. One of his stripper friends got mad at Drake and leaked his pic out online for everyone to see. I'm telling you now there wasn't much to see but if you like Vienna sausage you'll be amazed. TEENAGE SEX: And while I'm on the subject of sex, Aretha Franklin is lawyering up after a former collaborator on her autobiography revealed plans to release a tell all on the diva. In the tell all its said that Aretha was sexually promiscuous at a young age. That part would be true since its being said that Aretha had her first child at 13. It's also being said that Aretha's father church was basically a brothel. When asked in a recent interview about the upcoming tell all, Aretha said it was "trash" and "lies". And there you have it! I got you covered! 
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