Tyga Arrested..Ginuwine Broke & Divorced..Aretha Shades

EYE OF THE TYGA: My gosh, if Tyga isn't already in enough hot water dealing with a minor, he goes and gets arrested during a video shoot. The rapper was hit with a traffic violation for reckless driving. I'm thinking that Jenner kid was giving Tyga head and he was swerving all through L.A. What do you all think? BROKE-N HEARTED: Ginuwine is broke and divorced and something tells me he needs to call Tyrese and Tank. The man needs money but I did hear he used to snort his money up his nose. While that was never proven, there was a live performance from TGT that surfaced awhile back and Ginuwine seemed pretty out of it if you know what I mean. I'm interested in knowing when exactly did Ginuwine and his wife breakup. They had been together for quite awhile and I figured they were still going strong. Didn't you? SHADY PALM TREE: Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul is not one to mince words. When asked in a recent interview what she thought about some of the newer divas, she had nice things to say about Adele and Alicia Keys. Rightfully so though being that she covered their songs on her new album. When Aretha was asked about Taylor Swift, she gushed about her gowns but that was it. And when it came to Nicki Minaj, she passed on her altogether. I would say Aretha and Mariah are neck and neck for the coveted title of Queen of Shade. Mariah's very shady but sometimes I feel she shouldn't be when her live performances are the pits. KISS & MAKE UP: K. Michelle and Perez Hilton, the famed blogger have kissed and made up. The two were engaged in a nasty Twitter beef over Iggy Azalea. K. questioned Iggy's authenticity as a rapper likening it to that of the down south rappers. K. simply wasn't buying it and Perez wasn't having any of K.'s negative rants. Seems both have turned over a new leaf.
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