solange gets married and kendrick lamar pays homage to method man on 'snl'

HERE COMES THE BRIDE: So now that everyone is somewhat over the disaster that was the Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B movie, I can feel free to move on to other things. The big news today is the nuptials of Solange and Alan Ferguson! The couple tied the knot today in New Orleans. Beyoncé, Jay Z, Tina Knowles, Richard Lawson(Tina's man), and Juelz(Solagne's son) were in attendance. There was no sighting of Mathew Knowles and his village of children. The Aaliyah movie wasn't the only thing that people were talking about last night. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: Kendrick Lamar was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night and his appearance which was a homage to Method Man circa All I Need To Get By. If you know anything about that Method Man looked crazy as hell. His hair was half braided and he had a white contact lens. Kendrick opted for black bubbly eyed contacts that looked a little scary if you were fortunate enough to see. If you didn't you didn't miss much. I didn't see it. I just felt compelled to talk about it being that its a slow news day. One thing I am lookoing forward to tomorrow is seeing Wendy Williams address the fiasco that was the Aaliyah movie. Not only did the actors get roasted but so did Wendy who promised us a great movie and what we got was a lot of bad acting and a stale storyline. You all have a good night and until next time! Kisses! haha
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