queen latifah show cancelled, monica wants to be a nurse, and trina turns down reality show

TALK SHOW SHIT: Queen Latifah learned today that her talk show has been cancelled after only two seasons on the air. The show was a snoozefest. Yes she had high profile guests but the magic just wasn't there and like someone else was saying online, Queen just didn't seem like Queen if you get what I'm saying. Hell I think her talk show from back in the day was better than this. Of course this isn't the end for Queen she's always had a career in music and even movies. Queen always has her hands in something. She executive produces Single Ladies which is being brought back by BET and Centric. She'll bounce back soon! NURSE MONICA: I heard this erroneous story about Monica wanting to become a nurse. I actually heard the story on Wendy Williams today and I'm like WTF. I'm all for Monica helping people but I guess if that's what she wanted to do why not but I think its a bit random. But when you think about the music business and it not being what it used to be, a lot of singers have to turn to other methods of making money even career changes. Monica's music career as of late hasn't been so hot but I think she can bounce back with the right team and music. Though I wasn't a fan of her 2006 album Still Standing it was a hit! Wait! What year did Still Standing come out? I can't remember but anyway you get my what I'm saying right y'all? REALITY VIXEN: Trina says she's been approached about starring in an installment of Love & Hip Hop Miami but the Diamond Princess turned it down for good reason. Trina says she wants to do reality TV without all the hair pulling and drink throwing and I understand that. The only problem is its not a lot of reality shows that don't contain those elements. You have to have an ounce of drama. People just don't want to see you walking around doing nothing. I think a good reality TV idea for Trina would be like a docu series following Trina as she prepares for her sixth album. It's not exactly original but it would give her fans including myself a behind the scenes look at how things go down.
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