chris brown girlfriend throws shade, wiz khalifa naked, and young thug getting married

SHADY PALM TREE: Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's girlfriend set the Twitter world on fire yesterday when she tweeted she was a "single lady again". This prompted speculation that Tran was done with Chris Brown again. The tweet happened to come in right after it was announced that some groupie girl has Chris Brown on tape in her bed, complete with pictures and all. Of course some of Twitter's well known comedians came forward with some not so nice jabs at Tran but she fired back saying her tweet was about her starring in the show Single Ladies. So it turns out Tran, I'll prefer to call her by her last name more since her first name is too much to type was simply hyping up her latest acting role all the while throwing a little shade and it worked. WIZ KID: What won't work is Wiz Khalifa taking pictures butt ass naked in the shower and pouring bottles of water on himself. His ex-wife Amber Rose liked the picture, who seems like she's on a campaign to get him back. If you ask me, Wiz was looking a hot mess complete with those awful purple dreads he's been working. He looks hideous. It also leads me to wonder if he's trying to tell us something else? Oh you all can Google that picture but I insist you don't look at them if you've eaten Thanksgiving dinner already which I'm guessing most of you haven't. THUGS R US: Young Thug continues to toy with the rumors of his sexuality and whatever it may be. He posted a picture on Instagram of himself and another man, Delano Brown putting rings on each other's fingers. Now if that's not someone telling on himself I don't know what else is. Then again he could be simply playing into all the rumors and things he's said in the past about his sexuality. Me personally I could care less, I still like his music and all the songs he's featured on. I mean we need an openly gay mainstream rapper. Why not Young Thugger? Oh yeah and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May you enjoy your Holiday! Be safe, eat well, drink well, and most of all be thankful!
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