aaliyah movie to air on lifetime tonight and brandy reveals new album producer wishlist

ROCK THE BOAT: Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B movie is set to air tonight on Lifetime. Based on the previews I've seen the movie looks like one big joke. The acting looks very stale and since the family doesn't approve of the movie, Aaliyah's music was not used in the movie. Instead it was rerecorded by the actress Alexandra Shipp. I guess I will have to reserve my final opinion of the movie after I watch it tonight. At first I had no plans to watch the movie not because of the family's objections but more so because it doesn't look all that good. Then again its Saturday night and there's not much else on TV anyway so why not watch. While everyone is already unhappy with the making of this film, maybe one day another film can be produced more to the thrill of the fans and the family of Aaliyah. You have to think about the dozens of movies that were made about Nelson Mandela. There can always be another Aaliyah movie made in the future so just wait on that! BRANDY, YOUR A FINE GIRL: I stumbled upon an interview with Brandy from a few months ago. I thought it was new until I seen the date. Anyway the singer opened up about the disappointment with her last album Two Eleven which only sold 180,000 copies. She also said that she is working on a new album and hopes to rope in Timbaland, Sean Garrett, Bangladesh, and Pharrell(fingers crossed!). Hopefully we won't have to wait another four years for a new Brandy album but at this point I wouldn't be surprised. Brandy takes her time on her albums and I appreciate that but sometimes too long is too long. Like hurry up girl! We need that like yesterday! 
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