Wiz Khalifa Romancing Stripper...Iggy Azalea & Nicki Minaj Face Off

CASE OF THE EX-ES: It's looks like these formerly married celebrities have no problem moving on with the quickness. Let's take Wiz Khalifa for instance who has been partying it up with strippers in Vegas and putting it on social media for all to see. Then you have Amber Rose who has been pretty chummy with Nick Cannon despite him being her manager. Mariah Carey threw some shade at Nick Cannon during her recent concert but I didn't catch it. I can't say I'm quite sure if Mariah moved on yet but maybe she has. FEMALE TROUBLE: And if that's not enough for you guys Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj will both release new album on November 24. This reminds me of when Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown dropped their debut albums one week apart in 1996. Times were different then because at the time Kim and Foxy were friends. I guess Iggy and Nicki are friendly but I think more of the animosity is with Nicki. I think she was a little bothered that Iggy was nipping at her heels. Many may disagree with that statement but she definitely felt some type of way after her BET Awards acceptance speech. We can't forget that now can we? What was so interesting about that was your the one who won the award, though I don't think you actually deserved it, you felt the need to throw shade then backtracked later on once you got called out about it. Being the bigger person Iggy graciously congratulated Nicki a month or so later at the MTV Awards. Remember that? Anyway Iggy will release Reclassified, a re-release of her debut album The New Classic complete with seven tracks. Her new single Beg For It featuring Mo will be performed lived on SNL on October 25. Nicki will release Pink Friday: The Pink Print featuring the singles Anaconda and Pills N Potions. Nicki's new album has been a long time coming so I do expect her to smash with it. 
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