Tyga Calls Out Young Money..Ray J Pissed Over Girlfriend's Betrayal

EYE OF THE TYGA: Tyga has found a way to turn attention away from his impending relationship with 18 year old Kendall Jenner, half sister of Kim Kardashian. Have you seen the two canoodling around America for the past month? And they have the nerve to say their not dating. I suppose its none of our business but they go and post pictures together and that only fuels the fire. Anyway... Tyga has called out his record label and record label bosses at Young Money for withholding his album The Gold Album. Now why would they go and do a thing like that? No one knows. I mean it does happen unfortunately and Tyga is pissed as he should be. Tyga showed just how pissed he was when he began ranting on social media, a big no no for any celebrity. He soon found himself in a war of words with Mack Maine, another Young Money affiliate. I'm thinking like damn can't we all just get along? STING RAY: I suppose not because Ray J and his now ex-girlfriend Princess Love are at odds after a fallout involving Ray's informant, Morgan. Princess Love  has been quite chatty about her personal relationship to Morgan and Morgan went back to spill the tea to Ray J. Ray J got pissed and boom the relationship is done. I was talking to a friend about this earlier and she said something about Floyd Mayweather and Princess Love was all hugged up. Floyd Mayweather is one messy queen if you ask me! TOO PROUD TO BEG: Speaking of queens, Iggy Azalea has revealed that she will release a new single titled, Beg For It featuring Mo. I don't know why but some fools at the Brandy Source Forum thought it was Monica. Wishful thinking people! Iggy explained that Mo was new on the scene but she loves her "voice" and "eyebrows". So we definitely got to see and hear this chick, if that's even what she is. Oh and did I mention that Iggy is re-releasing The New Classic. Iggy is trying to get them album coins. I can't say I'm mad at her but the other rap bitches are. 
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