Snoop Dogg & Iggy Azalea Beef on Instagram..Christina Aguilera Returning to 'The Voice'

RAP BATTLE: SNOOP DOGG AND IGGY AZALEA ARE BEEFING ON INSTAGRAM! It all started when Snoop posted a meme poking fun at Iggy Azalea. Once Iggy caught wind of the meme, she clapped back and Snoop and he clapped back. The two went on and on about their various encounters and who said what to who when. I mean it all sounds pretty petty to be honest. I think Iggy was pretty hurt to be honest. She's been lashing out lately. I think all the negativity she's been receiving has gotten to her. Just last week she lashed out at photographers saying she hopes they catch Ebola. A few weeks ago Rah Digga blasted Iggy on the radio and Nicki Minaj threw shade at her back in June at the BET Awards. Lil' Debbie, an unknown rapper threw a jab at Iggy insisting she release a song without the support of an another artist. Sounds like Lil' Debbie is a little jealous. Nicki is a little bothered that someone else is doing well besides her and Rah Digga was simply just stating her opinion. I'm not sitting here saying I'm a big Iggy fan but I do kind of sympathize for her. She's gotten it pretty bad lately but that does come with the territory. You have to have a thick skin for the business. I'm sure Iggy is learning that as the days go by. In better news, Iggy has a lot of music nominations to be proud of. Now kiss that haters! Haha! 'VOICE' LESSONS: Changing subjects, I saw that Christina Aguilera will be returning to The Voice and I was just thinking, how many times has she come and gone from the show? The fortunate thing is she's always welcomed back. Not to say that she shouldn't be but I'm assuming she left the last season since she was pregnant. I know her music isn't selling these days so its best for her to keep her gig on The Voice. I do remember reading and reporting here that Christina is working on a Hip Hop inspired album, I hope with a ting of R&B thrown in for good measure. I guess we shall see and hear. Till next time folks!
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