Nicki Minaj Unfollows Tyga on Social Media..K. Michelle Crying About Abuse Claims

Happy Sunday folks! I have a lots of news for you today so let's get right into it. 4 THE LOVE OF MONEY: I was reading that Nicki Minaj has unfollowed Tyga on social media after his bout with Cash Money. What do you all think about that? Do you think Nicki was right to unfollow Tyga because he spoke out against Cash Money? I mean I see she's being loyal to Cash Money because that's the label that pays her and she pays them pretty well too. I feel whatever personal issue he has with the label may of not needed to be publicized but artists do that when their upset. ABUSE ME: Speaking of upset, I'm tired of hearing K. Michelle go on about being abused. During a recent performance the star broke down about her alleged abuse claims she's been making over the years. So much for beating a dead horse. WHERE'S THE BEEF: Something else that needs to be dead is the beef between Tamar and her sisters, Traci, Towanda, and Trina. Tamar is upset after the girls surprised her at a concert performance by showing up on stage much to Tamar's dismay. This all went down a couple of months ago but its now being relived through Braxton Family Values, the most recent episode airing this past Thursday. Now the sisters have taken their beef to Twitter. One of the sisters said Tamar should thank Toni for paving the way for her to which Tamar denied. Tamar shot back insisting her sister use auto-tune for her vocals. Ouch! But I am sick of Tamar as well beefing with everyone and everybody. PHOTO BOMB: I feel like there was one more story to tell you guys but I can't remember what it was but as I type this..I did see a story on Iggy Azalea. The rap star and a friend got into a heated exchange with the paparazzi. Iggy shot back at the photographers saying "she hopes they die from Ebola". I guess you better not mess with Iggy when she gets mad. Haha! You all have a splendid day and I'll be back as soon as I get some more music news for you all.
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