Keyshia Cole Lays on Piano For Birdman...Rich Dollaz Arrested

KEYS TO HER HEART: Birdman must have put a hex out on Keyshia Cole to have her acting in unbelievable ways. First she beating down a chick in his house(which she won't be charged for) and now she's laying atop of pianos in videos on Instagram dedicated to him. It's very weird you ask me. You will have to go to Keyshia Cole's Instagram account to see what I'm talking about. DOLLA AMOUNT: Rich Dollaz of Love & Hip Hop New York has been arrested for not making child support payments. How can you call yourself Rich Dollaz and have no money though? I think its time for a name change seriously! Wouldn't you agree? WELCOME HOME: Juvenile has signed back to Cash Money! Why? I don't know but maybe because he's in need of some "cash money". I'm just hoping he actually gets it this time because that's why they fell out in the first place. I'm assuming everything has been worked out this time and if there is another fall out hopefully its a mutual and not a nasty one. MODEL BEHAVIOR: A$AP Rocky and model Chanel Iman have broken up. The couple was engaged. It seems as if no couple can stay together as of lately. I think all celebrities who are currently single right now should stay single for awhile and just fuck one another like they regularly do. That will cut down on some of the breakups. Don't you think? 
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