Iggy Azalea To Appear on SNL...Ray J Blasts Tyrese & Tyga

SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: Iggy Azalea will premiere her new song Beg For It, which just leaked on SNL this weekend on NBC. Check your local listings. Iggy SZN, another cut from her upcoming album Reclassified also leaked. You guys will have to go whatever media player to hear those songs though. Sorry! RAY OF HOPE: Someone who rarely apologizes for the fucked up things they say and do is Ray J. Apparently the VH1 reality star made some not so nice tweets directed at Tyga and Tyrese saying "Fuck Tyrese & Tyga" but has since deleted the tweets. We see in the social media world, stars do stuff like this and once it hits the blogs they go back and delete it. If your a man of your word stand by it then. I mean I'm not a big fan of Tyrese so I agree with Ray J. Tyga is cool in my book. Ray was just probably letting off some steam but what has Tyrese and Tyga ever done to you? BILLBOARD BOUND: You can catch Usher on the newest issue of Billboard magazine discussing his sagging album sales, his upcoming tour, and how he plans to get his crown back. Personally I think your first step would be to lose a little of the edge aka cockiness. I think that's one thing I've always disliked about Usher. He's too cocky and his music hasn't been the best in the last few years in my opinion but I did like Good Kisser. The newest song with Nicki wasn't the business. He could of kept that but no he decided to release namely because Nicki was on it. I noticed Usher was trying to recreate that magic he had with Nicki on Lil' Freak but that was a totally different time and that song was much hotter. Pharrell couldn't even save the song and I'm a fan of Pharell's production 9 times out of 10. Trey Songz has also used Nicki for two of his songs but both are hits. I think Usher is too busy chasing trends instead of trying to create them. I think he also needs Jermaine Dupri back in the studio and whatever hottest producer out now maybe Drake's producer. Hey! I'm just saying! What do you all think about today's stories? That's okay let me do the thinking for you and say you enjoyed it and you'll be back for more! Ha! Have a good one guys! 
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