Iggy Azalea Leads AMA Nominees..Chris Brown Leads Soul Train Awards Nominees

MUSIC AWARD NOMINEES: The music award season is among us as the nominees for both the American Music Awards and the Soul Train Music Awards were announced today. Leading the American Music Awards is Iggy Azalea with six nominations I believe. Her nominations include Best New Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock - Female, etc. Over at the Soul Train Awards, Chris Brown leads the all nominees with seven nominations. For the full list you will have to use Google. Sorry! Both award shows will air in November. SINGLE HUSBAND: While I'm on subject of Iggy Azalea, the guy who she used to date now claims that they were married and he is now filing for a divorce. Iggy has clapped back saying they were never married and all we have to do is check the public records. I will say Iggy definitely stays in the headlines but its always because of someone else who has something to say about her. Iggy stays in her lane but she will clap back when needed. I can respect that about her. BIRTHDAY GIRL: Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists, Ashanti! She will be releasing the long awaited(at least for me it is) video for her single Early In The Morning featuring French Montana. Ashanti has been teasing us with the video for about a month now. The video will premiere on VEVO tomorrow October 14 as well as the song which is currently on iTunes. Go and support! MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS: Young Money is obviously not supporting all of their artists! First Tyga lashed out and now Lil' Twist has joined the bandwagon. Lil' Twist is a teenager so I can only imagine how they may or may not of screwed them over. I do hope Young Money irons out the wrinkles in their extended record label family. It's starting to get really messy now if you ask me. While I don't know the specifics of why exactly Lil' Twist is unhappy I'm sure its not much of a stretch from what has Tyga so pissed. If you recall Tyga said his album The Gold Album is being withheld by the label. Not sure why. It could be a number of reasons but honestly speaking I like the songs Tyga has put out so far so it sounds like this album may be a step up from the last. 
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