Comedian Claims Tyrese Gave Oral Sex For Movie Role...Soulja Boy Mad At Ray J's Assistant

ORAL EXAM: Did Tyrese perform oral sex on director John Singleton for his role in Baby Boy? Well that is the story floating around from an unknown comedian whose name I can't remember. The comedian claims he and Tyrese were neck in neck for the role of Jody. The comedian goes on to say that John Singleton insisted the role would go to the person who would perform oral sex on him. And the rest is history! My question is do we believe this story? I mean as funny as it is I don't quite believe it. I never though John Singleton to be gay then again Hollywood is full of closeted queens. Tyrese, on the other hand I have had my thoughts about him but he's also been pegged as a homophone in the past. He has appeared on the gay friendly show Watch What Happens Live before so I guess. Anyway Tyrese has denied the claims in a video which I didn't bother watching. In other Tyrese news he was said to be out to dinner with Sanaa Lathan, the actress famous for her role in Love & Basketball. Now the real question is does Sanaa Lathan like bisexual men? Haha! Just a little humor. HOLLYWOOD SWINGING: Soulja Boy is mad at Morgan Hardman, Ray J's assistant who appears on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Soulja Boy claims its because of Morgan that he and Nia Riley, Teddy Riley's daughter broke up. What exactly happened between the two I have not a single clue! I decided not to watch this train wreck after viewing episode 1, not to say the show wasn't interesting but I just made a grown man decision. I didn't want to waste an hour getting dumber instead of smarter. No offense to the people who do watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I still rock with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta though but I was hesitant about watching the last season of that as well. But I gave in. Anyway enough of my rambling but there's been a lot going on regarding the cast members on LHHH. Hazel E and Yung Berg have been going at it on social media. Teairra Mari was seen in a recent picture with Ray J which insinuates they may have gotten back together briefly. Then there was the story that Ray J and his girlfriend Princess Love broke up but a few days later they were posing it up in pictures on social media. There was also the story about Omarion demanding a paternity test from his baby mama but Omarion denied those rumors. And there you have it. You are all properly caught up! Until next time people. Thank you for reading and visiting!
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