Beyonce & Jay Z Renew Vows...Tyga Calls Out Drake & Nicki Minaj

THE VOW: Beyonce & Jay Z have renewed their vows. That's what happens when shit goes down when there's a billion dollars in an elevator. TYGA BEAT: And it continues to go down with Tyga. While he's not parading around with a minor, he's expressing his disdain for Drake, who he calls "fake" and Nicki Minaj. He does go on to say in a Vibe magazine cover story that he is close friends with Lil' Wayne. Though I have to wonder has that friendship deteriorated since he's spoken out against Young Money. He also mentions that he's good friends with Chris Brown for good measure even though we all know that Chris Brown is a known abuser who occasionally makes good music. I'm just saying, no hate here but the truth is the truth. VIVA LA LOPEZ: Something else that is true is that Jennifer Lopez is eyeing a residency in Las Vegas. It's hard to believe she's not eyeing a man but something tells me she is. One thing is for sure Jennifer Lopez is just as much about her money as she is her men. La Lopez is said to receive $350,000 a show up to three times a week for so many weeks. She will join other Vegas headliners, Britney Spears and Celine Dion. Who else do you think should do a Vegas residency? Personally I think someone like Mariah or Janet would benefit from something like that. I can so see Mariah doing that with her over the top personality. It would work great in Vegas. What do you all think? And what do you all think about the stories covered here? Go ahead don't respond but as long as I know your reading I'm happy! Goodnight!
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