Nivea Comes For Christina Milian On Instagram

It looks like Ms. Christina Milian just can't catch a break. Ever since she started dating Lil' Wayne, she's been called everything from a gold digger to a ratchet hussy. Now one of Lil' Wayne's other baby mother's, Nivea has decided to kick up some dust towards Ms. Milian. Why? I guess because when you think about it Christina is following in Nivea's footsteps. She was married to The-Dream and has a child with him like Nivea does. Now she is dating Lil' Wayne like Nivea did and is rumored to be pregnant. I'm not sure how true the pregnancy rumors but I won't be surprised if Lil' Wayne knocks her up pretty soon. As we know Lil' Wayne is pretty fertile and loves spreading his seed all throughout Atlanta and beyond. Christina Milian has been signed to Cash Money/Young Money for a minute and has yet to issue an album let alone a mixtape. I'm wondering will she ever or will she simply find her music career on the backburner once again. What do you all think? What I don't understand is all the hatred Christina Milian is getting from dating Lil' Wayne. Maybe its because she does have somewhat of a track record but its nowhere near compared to some of these other girls out here who shall remain nameless. I just don't understand why all the baby mother's have gone on the attack. Are they just mad at Wayne and taking it all out on Christina? I will say though Christina has been handling the criticism pretty well. It wasn't too long ago when she clapped back at a random on IG. Now how long will it be before she claps back at one of these celebs, one can only wonder. Till next time folks! 
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