Music Feed: Devil's Due

Hot on the heels of the news that Drake made insinuations that Rihanna was the devil, Rihanna is not the only musician being linked to the devil these days. Check out the list of other musicians who are rumored to have ties with the devil himself. Check it out!
Beyoncé & Jay Z - The husband and wife duo, whose marriage is or isn't on the rocks have been dogged by rumors of having dealings with satanic cults for years. The rumors have only fueled their reputation making them both two of Hip Hop/R&B's highest paid entertainers. Jay Z has touched on the rumors somewhat in songs but some of the imagery in his videos continues to fuel the speculation.
Azealia Banks - When Azealia Banks was signed to Interscope Records, she did a number of videos with several signs that point to the Illuminati, which many believe is a satanic cult. Her videos for #YungRapunxel and Licorice featured imagery that led many to believe that she was joining the ranks of the famed satanic cults that are said to be in existence.
Young Jeezy - When the rapper revealed the cover art to his new album, many questioned if he were apart of the Illuminati. The rapper shot back quick with a reply that he was not!
Nicki Minaj - Nicki Minaj revealed on B.O.B.'s Out Of My Head, that she was not apart of the Illuminati as its been rumored over the years.
Lil' Wayne - Lil' Wayne's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards a few years ago fueled rumors that Lil' Wayne was in a satanic cult. There was a video slowed down to precise effect showing Lil' Wayne's face change to that of the devil. You have to see it to believe or you can remain a skeptic.
Rihanna - Drake's recent concert featured Rihanna's picture on the overhead screen with the numbers 666. There was also a huge debate about Rihanna's Umbrella video which featured rumored satanic imagery.
Now whether or not these rumors are true remain to be seen. I will say some of the rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. I do believe all rumors have some sort of truth to them. I don't expect any musician to fully come out and ever say this to be true even if it is. It's the industry's worst kept secret though if it is indeed to be true. 
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