More Details On The Separation of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

With news of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon separating, Nick Cannon's father has gone on Facebook to air out some of the messy details of his son's marriage. Nick's father laments on Mariah's weight of 200lbs and Nick wanting to have 10 children and her just 2. In Mariah's defense by the time she had her twins she was already up in age. I didn't see her having any more kids. Speaking of kids, Nick's father also said that Mariah had an abortion. I think Mariah said she was pregnant before but she lost the baby. I'm not sure if this is the same pregnancy or a totally different one. I mean that's her business and if she chose to do that then that's on her. Not really my place to judge. And if that's not enough, Mariah Carey has reportedly issued a gag order for Nick. So that means he can't speak of the intimate details of his marriage with Mariah, anymore. I think gag is the perfect word. I mean Nick has already revealed a lot about his relationship with Mariah while they were together. Some of the information may of been TMI(too much information) but it was all interesting the same. I'm sure Mariah was probably embarrassed for some of us to learn the info but it is what it is. I already view Mariah as kooky anyway so the info didn't surprise me as much. While Nick has only revealed that they are separated, Mariah will be able to make an announcement of her own of the impending divorce proceedings. 
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