Mariah Carey Hires New Management..Drake Blasts Rihanna

CAREY ON: Mariah Carey has reportedly fired JD(Jermaine Dupri) as her manager. Making JD her manager in the first place was a bad idea. Just because you two make hit songs together doesn't mean he'll equal a good manager. JD faced a lot of criticism early on from the Lambs(Mariah's fans stans). The constant album pushbacks and misleading singles lead to Mariah's current album Mariah: I Am Me...The Elusive Chanteuse becoming one of the worst selling albums of her career. It didn't make it any better that the album hasn't produced a hit single and the singles she did release prior were good but not good enough to top the charts like Mariah's songs usually does. Anyway it turns out Mariah has hired new manage, Kevin Liles whose worked with Mariah before. Kevin Liles has quite the track record and the track record that Mariah currently needs to get her career off the ground. DEVIL'S DUE: Drake has caused an uproar at his concert when he flashed pictures of Rihanna on the overhead screen with the numbers 666. The story broke on TMZ and with the caption. Drake-"Rihanna is the Devil". Not sure what to really make of this. I mean Rihanna's ties with the satanic have fueled for years. Though its never been proven something like this is still a pretty big deal. Just months ago Rihanna and Drake were canoodling(my new favorite word) all overseas. Now for some reason, things have taken a turn for the absolute worse if Drake is doing stuff like this. 
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