Danity Kane Breaks Up Again..Frank Ocean Getting Married

END OF THE ROAD: Danity Kane has officially called it quits. After the quintet reformed as a quartet before ending in a trio, the group released the single Lemonade. The song was released to huge fanfare on iTunes. The ladies were working on an upcoming album. After group members Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard got into a fist fight, the hope that existed among fans that the group would come back strong has now gone down the drain again. Poor girls! I think Dawn needs to stay out of groups period. She's had no luck with them. Remember when Dawn was apart of Diddy's Dirty Money group? Then again maybe the ladies can reform again in the future when everyone has matured and are clearly ready to partake in a proper reunion. FRANK-LY SPEAKING: Frank Ocean is said to be tying the knot to his transgender lover. The singer is planning the wedding to coincide with the release of a new album coming soon. Frank shocked some earlier in the week when he revealed himself with blue and gray hair. 
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