Beyonce Sets Precedence With Self-Titled Album, Patti Labelle Joining AHS

GAME CHANGER: Beyoncé set precedence last year with her self-titled album. Now the record industry is taking notice and forcing record companies to release new music on Friday. This global industry move will affect every country. So when an album is released on Friday here in the States, its released every where else. This is a ploy the record companies are hoping will help cut down on piracy. But why Friday though? I'm not sure why. I think music should be released on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Then again when you think about it, by Friday everyone should have their paycheck and they can go out and purchase the new release from their said favorite artist. ROCK THE BELL: Patti Labelle will be joining the cast of FX's American Horror Story. She will play the Mother of Gaborey Sidibe's character, a local townsperson intent on discovering and investigating the strange happenings in the show titled Freak Show. Patti will star in four episodes. AHS premiers this Fall on FX. Will you be watching?
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