Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce A Fake?..Mariah Carey To Tour Overseas

CRAZY IN LOVE: As if we haven't grown tired of the ever impeding rumors of Beyoncé divorcing Jay Z. Now comes the story that the rumors of divorce may have come from the couple themselves. Since these rumors have been running rampant for awhile and nothing has been concrete, it could possibly be a publicity stunt. But I don't know. Something in the milk ain't clean. If that ain't enough Beyonce is being sued by a woman who claims to be the surrogate mother of Beyoncé's child Blue Ivy. This is the same woman who claims to have been a surrogate for other celebrities including Kim and Kanye. Speaking of Kim K., the famed reality TV star is apparently wanting a public apology from Beyoncé after making her look like a plum fool for not showing up to her wedding. Good luck to Kim K. on getting an apology and a public one at that. I don't see it happening. Beyoncé rarely addressed the public. She just makes music and power moves. TOUR DE FORCE: Mariah Carey is taking her act on tour overseas to support her latest album Me: I Am Mariah. The singer will tour South Korea, China, Phillipines, and more. There was no mention of touring the States rightfully so since the album did crap here. I'm assuming the album did much better overseas. 
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