August Alsina Dismissed Transgender Fan..NFL Wants Rihanna To Pay For Performance

AUGUST ASS-INA: So..August Alsina reportedly denied a transgender woman access to pictures with him during a VIP meet and greet. When approached to take a picture with August, the transgender woman was told that they were not doing pictures. The upset fan took her frustrations to Rolling Out magazine. Sounds a little suspect to me if it is indeed true. Why deny your fan a picture with you? It doesn't matter if their a man, a woman, a transgender, etc. They are supporting you. August is typically snobbish towards his fans but for some reason these girls still have a thing for him. I also think its a little suspect that you can't take a picture with a transgender woman. What is up with that? Are we not comfortable enough in our skin? Things that make you go hmmm. FUMBLE: The NFL wants Rihanna to perform at their Super Bowl but there's a hitch. She's one of three artists being considered and if she is picked, she must pay for her performance. This comes on the heels of recent shocking performances from other artists over the years including Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé. What do you think? Should an artist play to perform at the Super Bowl?
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