Since its release I haven't been able to stop playing the Warner Bros./OVO Records debut from PARTYNEXTDOOR. His new album TWO was released on July 29. The album features the singles Her Way and Recognize featuring Drake. For those unfamiliar with PARTYNEXTDOOR his music is in the vein of The Weeknd. One of the songs that sticks out the most to me and is possibly my favorite thus far is Thirsty. The title repeats throughout the track and PARTYNEXTDOOR serves lines like "Tell them hating ass niggas to shut the fuck up" before telling his girl that he wants to "hit it more than once a day". Other songs to check out for are FWU(Fuck With U), Options, Muse, Bout It, Grown Woman, and much more. PARTYNEXTDOOR had a huge online following his first release an EP which contained the song Wuz Good/Curious which a lot of people liked. If you liked his first EP or you like artists like Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd,  you'll love PARTYNEXTDOOR. I think another reason to check him out too is simply because of his name. It's different and you'll be curious to hear whatever he has to offer. 
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