Zendaya Coleman Drops Out of Aaliyah Biopic, Shots Rang Out at BET Awards Festivities

DROP THIS: Zendaya Coleman has dropped out of the Aaliyah biopic! The Disney star reportedly quit after receiving a negative feedback from Aaliyah's family and fans who petitioned the movie's production. It is now being reported that Rihanna is in talks to play Aaliyah. All I know is if people are unsatisfied with that choice and Rihanna gets the role, she will have no problem letting everyone have it! Rihanna will tell a person off very quickly! SHOTS FIRED: Shots rang out this weekend during the BET Awards '14 festivities. One man was shot and four were injured when cops were called to the scene at 5:17 a.m. Let's just hope that everyone else stays safe and the BET Awards goes on without a hitch. BIO-RHYTHM: Lifetime is now planning a biopic on Aretha Franklin. The famed singer wants Jennifer Hudson or Audra McDonald to play her. Aretha recently met up with Lifetime producers to discuss the film. 
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