T.I.'s Mama Calls Out Tiny, Groupie Girl Claims Jay Z Hit On Her

Any news is better than no news.
TIP OF THE ICEBERG: T.I & Tiny is still going through it. On Instagram T.I. threw shade at Tiny's friend Shekinah and Shekinah clapped back. If that weren't enough, T.I.'s mother called out Tiny on Instagram urging her to make things right with Tip. I'm just curious if we are ever going to see any of this drama on The Family Hustle. Or will the family continue to make us believe that everything in their family life is perfect. I guess we will see since A Family Hustle is returning in a few weeks to VH1. Sighs. LIV & CLYDE: The Beyoncé & Jay Z saga continues. There is a woman by the name of Liv, a rapper and groupie girl who claims that Jay Z hit on her during a commercial shoot. Liv says she turned Jay down due to her respect for Beyoncé. Like my friend says "I don't put nothing past anybody" and this applies to this situation. Now people are saying Liv is what Solange was fighting Jay Z about. I swear that whole story about what the fight was about changes every week. I don't think we will truly know what translated in that elevator unless we hear it from the bodyguard, Jay Z, Solange, and Beyoncé.
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