Tamar Braxton Snaps At Sisters, Jennifer Lopez on 'Wendy'

BRAXTON FAMILY CURSE: There is a new season of Braxton Family Values coming soon and the teaser has leaked out. I, myself haven't seen the clip except for a :15 second preview via Instagram. From what I saw there is a lot of drama involving Towanda and Tamar. Speaking of Tamar, the singer was fuming at her sisters. Apparently the sisters surprised Tamar by appearing onstage during her concert and twerking for the gawds. Tamar kept it cool during the surprise impromptu performance but backstage was another story. Tamar allegedly cussed out her sisters and vowed for them to never show their ass like that again. I read there was also a water bottle thrown in for good measure. What I want to know is, was the cameras rolling for the Braxton Family Value show when this happened? I like the Braxton Family I do but I do feel like some of the lesser sisters are just vying for attention however they can get it. I say that because their popping up onstage randomly, doing other reality TV shows, and still trying to breathe life into nonexistent music careers. I'm just saying! What do you all think? J-LO & WENDY: Aside from releasing various video teasers of her new album, Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny From The Block will make her debut on The Wendy Williams Show on June 19. The singer will be promoting her new album AKA in stores on June 17. J-Lo is also said to be dating and newly single. Word is J-Lo already snatched up a new man from Dancing With The Stars(I can't think of his name off the top of my head). You know J-Lo doesn't stay without a man for more than two minutes. 
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