Rihanna Logs Studio Time with Big Sean, Keyshia Cole Family Coming Back to TV

Any news is better than no news.
STUDIO NEWS: I was skimming through my Instagram feed and I spotted Rihanna in the studio with Big Sean. The duo is likely cooking up new music for Rihanna's new album. There is still no release date in sight for Rihanna's new album but I'd say we'd have a new Rihanna album by the Winter Holidays. You all excited for new Rihanna music? Keyshia Cole is not only dealing with the fallout from her husband but also her family. ALL IN THE FAMILY: Keyshia's family, her sister and her Mother are trying to get back on TV through Keyshia's name. Keyshia is not having it though! Apparently the family wants some type of mediation to bring the family closer. So the question is why would Keyshia be against it? After all she is the one responsible for bringing them on TV. So why be mad that they want to return to TV? GAYDAY: Ne-Yo is finding himself the subject of more pesky gay rumors. This time a video model, Crystal found her social media pages hacked saying that Ne-Yo was gay. Crystal had just been spotted out prior to the hack and Ne-Yo quickly responded! That's when Crystal's former manager came into play. It turns out he had been fired and was feeling some type of way. Just last night or a few night ago the manager was trying to get into a club where Ne-Yo was but couldn't get in. Hmm wonder why!
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