Petition For Blue Ivy's Hair to be Styled, Robin Thicke Names New Album

Any news is better than no news.
SO BLUE: Believe it or not there is a petition that has been created for Beyoncé to finally do something with Blue Ivy's hair. We've seen pictures around and Blue's hair never looks styled. Let's be honest. I don't think a petition is needed though. However we can all agree that the girl is well taken care of. I mean after all her parents are two of the richest entertainers in the world. So people let's try and focus on more important things in the future. DEAR PAULA: Robin Thicke has revealed that his new album, his seventh is titled Paula. Paula Patton, his wife and Robin announced their separation back in February after Robin was caught hugged up with some groupie girl. Robin has been pleading to win Paula back with various performances of his hit show Lost Without U. Robin ins scheduled to perform at this year's BET Awards airing on June 29.  
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