Keyshia Cole To Release New Single...Aaliyah Relationship Explored In Biopic

SHE: Keyshia Cole has revealed a snippet of her new single, She which will be released on Tuesday. It is the newest single being released from Keyshia's new album Point Of No Return due this Summer. Keyshia's last two singles, Rick James and Next Time haven't performed that well but maybe She will be more successful. I guess we shall wait and see. 2ND KELLY: Though its been a lot of upheaval regarding Aaliyah's upcoming biopic for Lifetime, the producer of the movie has spoken. According to Debra Martin Chase, the film will explore Aaliyah's relationship with R. Kelly. If that is not reason enough to watch this movie I'm not sure what else is. Forget everything else. This is the story I want to hear. MUSIC BITS: Omarion and his girlfriend just had a their second baby shower. Wait! I didn't know people had more than one baby shower. And I read that Tyrese was caught trying to get at Lashontae Jennings(Nelly's ex). Whew! Lashontae gets hit on pretty regularly. I think someone needs nigga repellent! What do you think? 
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