Kelly Rowland Pregnant?, Ciara Mad At Future, Rihanna

Any news is better than no news.
ROWLAND, PREGNANT?: Kelly Rowland gave some not so subtle hints to rumors her being pregnant. The singer posted pictures of adult size and kids size Jordans prompting people to believe that the singer is indeed with child. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet but Kelly has been sporting some really baggy clothes lately. NO FUTURE ENGAGEMENT: There is trouble in paradise between Ciara and Future reportedly. While Ciara has been adjusting to motherhood, Future has been out partying with Ciara's nemesis Rihanna. Ciara was also spotted without her engagement ring. That's all it takes nowadays for the media to go into a tizzy, seeing a celebrity not wearing their wedding ring. That's usually the first and biggest sign that something is wrong in a relationship. Ciara gave some subliminal hints as to her current situation but people could be making something into nothing as far as the tweets are concerned. As far as Rihanna is concerned she posted a meme(a picture with a caption) saying that she turned someone's man down last night. Could she had been referring to Future? You never know cause as much as these women get around the men do too.  
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