K. Michelle Mad At BET & Elle Varner...Tamar Braxton Readying New Single

MAD MAD WOMAN: K. Michelle is mad! This time the singer is mad at BET and possibly singer Elle Varner. Apparently BET stole K. Michelle's song or some nonsense. Some cryptic messages have also surfaced where K. may be alluding to her disdain with Elle Varner as well, I'm not sure. I really didn't research the whole story. I only read a tidbit. I do remember Elle and K. being very good friends and working together. I see how long that lasted. More on this story if I'm even interested in learning more about this. This is yet another feud in a long list of feuds that K. Michelle has engaged in. More recently the singer had a beef with Perez Hilton, Iggy Azalea, and Tamar Braxton. Gosh! I wonder who the next casualty will be. TRIPLE THE FUN: Tamar Braxton is ready to drop a new single reportedly. With that new single the singer is on three reality TV shows as well, Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince, and The Real. Surely we will get our fair share of Tamar in the coming months so look out. In other Tamar news, some guy has come forward claiming to be a distant relative of Tamar's over Instagram and Tamar didn't receive the news too receptively. Now whether or not their related, no one knows. You have to look at things like that in one or two ways. They could be related and he wants to get to know his relative and see the $$$ signs. Two, they are not related and the person just wants attention and $$$. Enjoy your weekends folks! 
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