Justin Beiber Caught Using N Word, Kandi's Wedding Premieres

Any news is better than no news.
 THE N WORD: Justin Beiber is in the news again! This time an old video surfaced of the singer using the N word. I can't say I'm too surprised by this. Justin is obviously influenced by black culture. He hangs with black people so naturally he looks at himself as a black guy. I'm not making excuses for him. I'm just saying! What do you all guys all think? KANDI'S WEDDING: The premiere episode of Kandi's Wedding starring Kandi Burruss premiered earlier tonight on Bravo. Of course the first show was full of drama as expected. Kandi's best friend Carmon went head to head with both Todd and Kandi and Kandi was still trying to sway her Mother to accept Todd. Expect more drama in the coming weeks.
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