Jay Z Under Fire For Affair..Trey Songz Surprises Nicki Minaj with Flowers

DIVORCE COURT: The Beyoncé & Jay Z divorce rumors continue to linger on. Reports are now saying that Jay Z has been having an affair with singer Mya. If you recall the two collaborated the hit song Best Of Me Remix. There was some talk then that the pair had been romantically involved but then both were single. The report also goes on to say that Jay Z has been taking care of Mya for the last few years. What do you think? Is there some truth to the Jay Z cheating rumors or nah? I say this because these rumors have legs, like its a story that is not going away. Of course this all comes on the heels of Beyoncé & Jay Z's On The Run tour. MUSIC BITS:Trey Songz surprised Nicki Minaj with a bunch of flowers. The singer was thanking Nicki for the guest appearance she provided for his latest album Trigga due July 1. Christina Milian and her fiancé Jas Prince has broke up. The rumor is that cheating was involved. Christina sure knows how to pick 'em doesn't she? Aaliyah's cousin Jomo Hankerson has spoken out about the Aaliyah biopic for Lifetime. He says he wants Zoe Saldana(Movie: Star Trek) to play Aaliyah and that Zendaya Coleman(who is playing Aaliyah) is rerecording the singer's songs. He also said that the family feels the movie should be on the big screen a la Tina Turner in What's Love Got To Do With It. What do you all think? Frankly I'm sick and tired of talking about this movie and I think I will stop today.
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