J-Lo Single Again, Rihanna Vs. TLC, Shanice & Flex Broke

Any news is better than no news.
 SINGLE AGAIN: J-Lo is reportedly single again. Yes! You read it right. But it is being reported that its not because of the rumors going around about her boyfriend Casper. If you missed it there were rumors going around that Casper had dealings with a trans girl. Yeah right! In other J-Lo news I read that the Bronx labeled her a "sell out" after her hometown performance. Why? I don't really care to know but I can pretty much imagine why they would say that. Personally people should be over J-Lo and the whole "Jenny From The Block" thing anyway. NAKED AMBITION: Rihanna is not one to be messed with and I feel we learn that at least every two weeks. When asked about Rihanna's latest fashion choices in reference to her see through gown at the CDFA, TLC had choice words for Rihanna. Chili and T-Boz both agreed they never had to take off their clothes to sell records. Hey! It's been the same thing Brandy has said before as well as a host of other singers. It's shade in a way then again its not. It just depends on how the said person takes it. As we know Rihanna doesn't hold back and the comments from TLC got back to her and she posted a picture of the famed trio topless in Vibe magazine. Rihanna also had some choice words for the duo but later deleted the tweets. T-Boz responded back after legions of fans attacked T-Boz saying her words were misconstrued and she was simply asked a question and she answered it. Point. Blank. Period. This isn't the first time TLC(T-Boz and Chili) have criticized a singer. They have criticized Beyoncé and Destiny's Child in the past. When Chili had some choice words for Beyoncé and her legion of fans boy did they rip her a new asshole. When will TLC learn to shut their mouths and just make some new music? I still love them though. SHE BROKE: Late 80s/Early 90s singer Shanice and her husband Flex have a new show on OWN. I believe its premiering this weekend. Anyway they had a sneak peek of the show last week but I missed it. Anyway the couple are going around saying their broke and had to move in with one of the couple's parents. I actually find this hard to believe that Shanice and Flex are broke. I sat and thought about the various movies and TV shows Flex has done in recent years. Maybe its just been bad money management or simply living above their means.
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