India.Arie Comes To The Defense of Comments Made About Blue Ivy's Hair

BLUE MAGIC: Last week it was revealed that there was an outrageous petition going on surrounding Beyoncé's baby Blu's hair. Thousands of people signed the ridiculous petition and many celebrities spoke out as well. Those celebrities included KeKe Wyatt(R&B Divas), Tamar Braxton, and Syleena Johnson(R&B Divas). Of course all ladies caught hell from the Beyhive(Beyoncé's stans). While many may have forgotten what had been said, what Syleena Johnson said has had an everlasting effect. Apparently singer India.Arie got word of what Syleena Johson said about Blue Ivy's hair, likening it to ODB(Ol' Dirty Bastard), India.Arie took offense and went on Twitter. Mind you this is the same woman who bragged about her "brown skin" for years. Then last year she was criticized when she lightened her skin allegedly on the cover art work of her single. Not that this has anything to do with Blue Ivy but I'm just saying. People need to learn when to choose their battles.
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