Cassie Pregnant..Aaliyah Biopic Petition..Beyonce & Jay Z Tour Drama

Lots of news today! That's always a plus so that means there's a little more to read but its juicy, I promise! I wanted to take time to thank all my readers, visitors, and supporters. Means a lot! Now for the news: BUN IN THE OVEN: Did Diddy(or whatever he's calling himself these days) finally knock up his longtime girlfriend Cassie? Well that's the word on the streets! Cassie posted a picture of herself and later cropped the picture when there was a noticeable bulge in her stomach. Just a few weeks ago Cassie posted a picture with a more toned belly and physique. So what do you all think? Have you seen the photos? Do you think that Cassie is finally pregnant? I guess we will have to wait and see. ROCK THE VOTE: Low and behold a petition has already been filed against those making the Aaliyah biopic. Obviously fans are not happy with the choice of Zendaya Coleman playing the late star. I guess it was just a matter of time before this happened though I didn't think it would. I mean how do you guys ever expect this movie to be made if your unhappy about every little detail? Wait until the movie comes out and then judge it. NO TOUR DE FORCE: Beyoncé & Jay Z's upcoming tour On The Run has been met with a lot of anticipation but now its being reported that ticket sales are slow. Could be it that Hip Hop's royal couple has become too narcissistic? Or it could simply be because both artists were just on their own tours previously? I do think Beyoncé & Jay Z could of waited before embarking on such a tour but who am I? I was actually surprised when I read this news because I know when the news broke everyone was going on about how their getting tickets for the show. I guess people were just all talk and didn't really buy tickets. I guess we will have to wait and see how this tour fares. Pun intended! 
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