Beyonce The Most Powerful Celeb, Bobbi Kristina Mad At Angela Bassett

GIRL POWER: Beyoncé is the most powerful woman in the world! As if that's a surprise. That's according to a new published report from Forbes magazine. The famed singer made $115 million dollars between June 2013 to June 2014. You can thank her massively successful The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, numerous endorsements, her double platinum self-titled album and her platinum single Drunk In Love! Go Bee! ME & BOBBI KRIS: Bobbi Kristina is mad at Angela Bassett for not casting her in the biopic for Whitney Houston airing on Lifetime. I thought the Houston Family didn't want this movie made, well everyone but Bobbi Kris since she wants to play her Mother. Sounds a little odd to me but Bobbi Kris went as far as to demean Angela Bassett saying she was "manly". Ouch! 
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