Solange Deletes Pictures of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland Ties The Knot

Any news is good news.
 So people are still reeling from the video footage of Solange allegedly attacking Jay Z. Well now news comes from E! and other media outlets saying that Solange has deleted every picture of Beyoncé on her Instagram except one. Why one? No one knows but obviously the picture means something to Solange. What went wrong between Jay Z and Solange? No one knows! The Standard Hotel, where the surveillance video was captured sent out a statement saying their investigating(yeah right!). We all know that siblings fall out and whatever the underlying issue is I'm sure it will be resolved in time. There is speculation as to what really happened. There is word that Solange had a heated exchange earlier in the evening with Rachael Roy. So was Solange drunk, wilding out or did Jay Z say something that was foul and offended Solange? Maybe one day we'll find out. If anyone will come forward and say anything its Solange. Don't expect Jay Z or Beyoncé to speak on it. If anything Jay Z will mention this in a verse of a song before he makes a public statement. While we're on the subject of Beyoncé, her band mate and best friend Kelly Rowland tied the knot over the weekend in Costa Rica. The ceremony was small and intimated and featured only 30 guests. A few of the guests included Beyoncé, Solange, and Tina Knowles. Kelly wed Tim Witherspoon. The couple had got engaged a year ago. I know I'm late on some news at times but I keep seeing things about it. A week or so ago a pastor sent a nude pic or video to singer Tank via Instagram. Tank in turn exposed the pastor and called him out on his B.S. I'm not sure what prompted the pastor to do that but maybe he thought Tank was fruity! Apparently NOT! He got the wrong way baby! Well folks until next time! Enjoy your day and each other! Ha!
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