Producers Speak on New Rihanna Album, Mary J. Blige Drops New Single

Any news is better than no news.
 RIH RIH: It's refreshing to hear something regarding music with Rihanna. Usually we are hearing about her checking someone on Twitter or we're seeing her come out of a club. Well the production duo of Stargate(worked with Ne-Yo) have revealed that Rihanna is focused more than ever on her new music. They also revealed that her vocals are in top form. There is still no word on when we can expect new music from Rihanna. But if I had to take a wild guess, she may drop new music around Thanksgiving, the time in which she typically drops new albums. THINK LIKE A MAN TOO: Mary J. Blige has been tapped to headline and perform new music for the soundtrack to the new music Think Like A Man Too. The movie which stars Kevin Hart features Mary on the album's first single, Suitcase. Other guests on the album include Pharrell and Kanye West. Mary's contribution to the Think Like A Man Too soundtrack is the vein of how Whitney Houston carried The Bodyguard album or similar to Aretha Franklin and her Sparkle album(named after the 70s classic film).
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