Popular Comedian Outs Famous Celebrities

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 Hey y'all! Earlier tonight(Saturday) I had the pleasure of getting free tickets to check out a popular comedian. I won't say his name though I'm sure he wouldn't care if I did but I'll spare him. Anyway during his stage act, he gave the audience some tea on some of the guys in the industry who are umm 'gay'. He spoke on how a lot of Hollywood is gay which I think we're all aware of. He mentioned Ne-Yo and how he is always twirling which is very true. Ne-Yo has been dogged by gay rumors since the beginning of his career and the rumors live on. See it doesn't matter how many kids you have or how many women you bed. Once people believe that your gay there's really nothing you can do to change that even if you are not gay. Another name that was mentioned which I heard about before was Jaheim. We all know Jaheim right? He's the R&B singer signed to Atlantic Records and is known for the single Just In Case. It's funny the comedian brought his name up because my friend had told me a similar story. The comedian didn't just tell these jokes straight out. He slipped them in and you had to be quick enough to catch it. He mentioned Alex Cross, the role played by Tyler Perry who many believe is gay as well. And last but not least he mentioned Chingy! Remember him? The comedian was talking about sex and how a guy would start kissing a woman's neck and notice a speed bump. That's when he slipped the Chingy joke in. If you didn't know Chingy has been dogged by rumors that he's dated transsexuals. Chingy has spoke on it in the past saying the rumors is what dogged his career. I was talking to a friend about this after the show and she disagreed. She feels that people were just tired of him! I would say I agree. Well that's the tea y'all! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there including my own. We truly wouldn't be here without our Mothers. Whatever your relationship may be with your Mother, realize that you only have one Mother. So till next time folks!
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